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Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online

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Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online

Top Young Entrepreneurs

Hello Everyone

As some of you who have been following me for a while know, I have done several “Top Young Entrepreneur Lists” including the highly successful Young Entrepreneurs Rich List over at RetireAt21.com

Today I have compiled a list of the Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online – aged under 25 – these are really impressive individuals, both as business people and as human beings. Of course you will already know some of these names (Matt Mullenweg and Mark Zuckerberg for example) but there should be some that are NEW to you as well.

All of these young entrepreneurs are having a tremendous impact on the world – and we all have so much to learn from them.

Talking of impact, I am very pleased to announce that Yanik Silver is adding a “Young Mogul Day” to his now famous annual Underground Online Seminar. What is more I will be working closely with Yanik to make this one of the best young entrepreneur events ever – with some of the world’s most incredible top young entrepreneurs already booked to speak. (Any of you young entrepreneurs who got attended Yaniks last UNDERGROUND back in February already know what a Top Notch event this is) Expect to hear more news about this soon.

Finally — watch out for a BIG UPDATE at RetireAt21.com in the near future – we are currently doing a huge redesign with some amazing new content, including profiles of some of the world’s best up and coming young entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the list – let me know what you think — and is there a Young Entrepreneur that you know / admire who I have missed of this list?

To Our Success


#1. Mark Zuckerberg (25 Years Old)

mark zuckerberg Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.facebook.comWhy They Matter: Mark is at the top of our list for two HUGE reasons, he is the world’s youngest billionaire and he runs the world’s largest social networking website which is actually the second most visited site in the whole world, not bad for 25 years, is it?
* * * * *

#2. Matt Mullenweg (25 Years Old)

matt mullenweg Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://wordpress.comWhy They Matter: Matthew Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress, the software that runs this blog and millions of others out there. Without Matthew, you probably wouldn’t be at this website right now because I wouldn’t as fond with blogging without his genius, easy to use blogging software. He has been offered over $250,000,000 for his company which he turned down.
* * * * *

#3. Pete Cashmore (24 Years Old)

pete cashmore Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://mashable.comWhy They Matter: Pete Cashmore makes our list because he runs on of the world’s top blogs which is about all that is new on the web. With over 1,600,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 RSS readers, you know this guy is running something big!
* * * * *

#4 & 5. Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith (23 & 22 Years Old)

aaron levie dylan smith Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite: http://box.netWhy They Matter: Box.net founded in 2005 was originally launched as a college project to share and store any type of file, and make it accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The company nearly has 2 million users on the service, and netted a $6 million in venture capital.
* * * * *

#6. David Karp (22 Years Old)

david karp Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.tumblr.comWhy They Matter: Tumblr is a blogging platform that anyone can use. The service was built with customization and ease of use in mind. Karp invested money into the company from his previous job as a software consultant at a parenting website. Tumblr raised $5.25 million in funding from various investors, including 2 lead investors with the popular social network Twitter.
* * * * *

#7 & 8. Catherine & David Cook (19 & 21 Years Old)

catherine dave cook Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://myyearbook.comWhy They Matter: Catherine and her brother, David started MyYearBook back in 2005 and have grown it to become America’s third largest social network and since raising $17.1 million in two rounds of investment has become profitable!
* * * * *

#9. Sean Belnick (23 Years Old)

sean belnick Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.bizchair.comWhy They Matter: Sean is a real entrepreneur, at 14 years old, he locked himself in his bedroom and 3 days later, his business was born! Now he is earning over $50,000,000 a year selling business chairs online. Sean has been an inspiration to young people around the world trying to sell online!
* * * * *

#10. Matt Mickiewicz (25 Years Old)

matt mickiewicz Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.sitepoint.com http://www.99designs.com and http://www.flippa.comWhy They Matter: Matt is an inspiration to thousands of webmasters around the world, whether it’s their first website or their 20th most people would have visited Sitepoint to learn how to improve their website. Sitepoint has evolved from the website to learn about web design to anything from selling your website for a million dollars, buying books on coding the perfect contact page, to hiring someone to create your twitter background.
* * * * *

#11. Noah Everett (24 Years Old)

noah everett Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://twitpic.comWhy They Matter: Noah is the founder of the popular image upload website, TwitPic. His website has grown with the growth of the social media website Twitter and is now one of the top 200 websites in the world according to Alexa. Surprisingly Noah works from home, which is also where he powers his servers that have to deal with millions of pages a day!
* * * * *

#12. moz screenshot 8 Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineRyan Allis (25 Years Old)

ryan allis Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online Website:http://www.icontact.comWhy They Matter: Ryan who is just 25 years old runs iContact.com and email marketingservice that expects to turn over $25,000,000 this year. With over 55,000 customers paying a monthly FREE, Ryan has build a membership program where he has been able to offer an unbelievable service and at the same time build a continuity program that should never end.
* * * * *

#13. Jon Wheatley (22 Years Old)

jon wheatley Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.dailybooth.comWhy They Matter: Jon runs a great social networking website called DailyBooth which basically lets you snap a picture every day and it puts it all together in a little video. The site has really evolved since launching earlier in the year has got over $1million in funding from big names such as Digg co-founder Kevin Rose and Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake.
* * * * *

#14. Neil Patel (24 Years Old)

neil patel Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.quicksprout.com & http://www.crazyegg.comWhy They Matter: Neil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics. Through these 2 companies he has helped large corporations such as AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was Neil named a top 100 blogger by Technorati, but he was also one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal. The thing that really makes Neil stand out as a top young entrepreneur is how he got a lot of the top blogs in the world to permanently link to his site.
* * * * *

#15. Kieran O’Neill (22 Years Old)

kieran oneill Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.psu.com and http://www.playfire.comWhy They Matter: Kieran is 22 years old and is a serial internet entrepreneur with three huge successes online so far! Kieran sold his first website online for $1.25 Million at the age of 19 and now has launched a new gaming social network which he raised over $1 Million in venture capital investment for as well as still running one of the world’s largest PlayStation fan sites.
* * * * *

#16. moz screenshot 7 Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineBlake Ross (24 Years Old)

blake ross Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online Website:http://www.mozilla.comWhy They Matter: Blake is an American software developer, who is probably best known for starting the Mozilla Firefox project. Firefox was released in 2004, when Ross was 19 years old. Firefox got over 100 Million downloads within its first year of being on the market!
* * * * *

#17 & 18. Eric & Susan Gregg Koger (24 & 25 Years Old)

koger Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.modcloth.comWhy They Matter: ModCloth started as a small clothing business that Eric and Susan started when they left high school. They continued the business at university, shipping clothing items from their dorm room. When they graduated from uni in 2006, they decided to pursue the business, and since then it has grown into a huge success.
* * * * *

#19. Anthony Volodkin (23 Years Old)

anthony volodkin Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://hypem.comWhy They Matter: The Hype Machine keeps track of music discussion on blogs around the world. It lets people discover, listen and buy music that bloggers are writing about.
* * * * *

#20. Ashley Qualls (20 Years Old)

ashley qualls Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.whateverlife.comWhy They Matter: Ashley Qualls who is already a multi-millionaire, and has taken the young entrepreneurs world by storm. Aged just 14, Ashley created WhatEverLife.com, a Myspace layouts site aimed at the female demographic, the site at its peak received over 250,000 visitors every single day, which is more than teen magazines such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen & Cosmogirl… combined. Ashley doesn’t charge users to use the site, instead, she strategically places ads on the site, and around 60% of her monthly income comes from Google Adsense.
* * * * *

#21. Juliette Brindak (20 Years Old)

juliette brindak Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.missoandfriends.comWhy They Matter: Juliette first came up with the idea of Miss O and Friends ten years ago when she was 10 years old. Her business is now worth over $19 Million, and is visited by millions of girls every month. In 2006, Juliette released a book, and since then has sold over 120,000 copies of it!
* * * * *

#22 & 23. Sam Tarantino & Josh Greenberg (Both 23 Years Old)

grooveshark Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://listen.grooveshark.comWhy They Matter: GrooveShark was launched in private beta in early 2007, and is now a huge online music search engine and streaming service. GrooveShark employs 40 people (as of december 2007) and is part of the Escape Media Group which was formed in march 2006.
* * * * *

#24, 25 & 26. Elliott Breece, Joshua Boltuch & Elias Roman (All 25 Years Old)

amiestreet Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://amiestreet.comWhy They Matter: Amie Street is a music website, where the community decided the price of the music. Every song on the website starts at a very low price, sometimes free, and then increases up to prices of 98 cents depending on how many people purchase it.
* * * * *

#27. Richard Ludlow (22 Years Old)

academic earth Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://academicearth.orgWhy They Matter: Richard is the founder and CEO of Academic Earth, a website that provides full video courses from leading universities. Academic Earth was included in Time Magazines top 50 websites of 2009 list, along with companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.
* * * * *

#28. Kristopher Tate (21 Years Old)

kristopher tate Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://www.zooomr.comWhy They Matter: Kristopher is the co-founder of photo sharing website, Zooomr. The popular website service was created in 2005, and since then has grown and had many new features implemented into it.
* * * * *

#29. Edmund Loh (23 Years Old)

edmund loh Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://edmundloh.comWhy They Matter: Edmund started his internet business back in March 2005. He achieved success after selling other peoples ebooks online (with resale rights), and then went on to write his very own ebook, titled Edmund Loh’s Guide To Private Resale Rights. Since then, Edmund has written over 212 PLR titles.
* * * * *

#30. Shama Kabani (24 Years Old)

shama kabani Top Young Entrepreneurs Making Money OnlineWebsite:http://clicktoclient.comWhy They Matter: Shama is an online marketing master. She is the president of Click To Client, a full service web marketing firm. Shama travels the world speaking at many conferences about internet marketing.

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